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Reconditioned Stairlift Installation


A loved one needs your help. They need access to the whole of their home. Let us help you help them. Call us for some advice on getting a stairlift installed quickly.


If you are in need of a platform lift or stairlift for your home or business, then we’d be more than happy to provide you with a FREE, no-obligation quotation.


As a big investment people always have a lot of questions before making any decisions, below are some of the more common ones…

Getting a reconditioned stairlift is by far the cheapest option in getting a stairlift in your home. If you shop around you will no doubt get a wide range of quotes from 1500 up to 7000. we are cheaper than any of these options

We are very reactive. We can usually have one installed within 72 hours upon time of enquiry. This includes cite survey, installation and demonstration. Call today.


It’s official! Our customers love us….and we hope that you will grow to love us too!

Here’s a small sample of what some of our customers have had to say…

Some Of Our Work Installed Around Ireland

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Read These 7 Benefits Of Stairway Chair Lifts To Know

Senior citizens and disabled people require extra attention and you have to pay close attention to them when they are going around the house, particularly if you have stairs. Basically, it is better if a physically impaired or elderly person is residing in a place without staircases but if you do not have an option, you only have to install stairlifts so they could move around the house with ease. You must know that stair lift chairs are very well-known today as it will allow the elderly and disabled individuals to use the staircases with less assistance. These individuals typically want independence so this equipment will be perfect for them.

Some individuals are still hesitating because this is a little pricey. Listed here are the different benefits which will help you decide.

The stairs are dangerous for the elderly and to individuals with disability. Accidents can occur so it will never be a wise idea for them to use the stairs without assistance.

These accidents could be prevented through the help of a stairway chair lift. This equipment is undoubtedly the real thing as it can automatically bring a disabled or elderly person up and down the stairs in total safety.

All they need to do is to sit in the stair lift and it’ll bring them up or down the stairs. They do not have to spend lots of time going up or down the stairs and they will not need your help to do so.

There are instances when the elderly and physically impaired individuals ask for independence as they do not want to be a burden to the family. In case you have stairs inside the house, it will undoubtedly limit the mobility of these individuals and they will not have an opportunity to use the staircases. You could simply add a stair lift in your house because this will give the independence that they are looking for and they can go around your house without the need for support. If somebody in your family underwent a surgery, this equipment can also serve as a short-term solution to help them move around. If someone in the family is actually injured and they can’t use the staircases, you can undoubtedly install this while they are recovering.

Stair lift chairs are very flexible so you should already expect that the installation company may easily locate the best model that will fit your staircases and the individual who will be using it. This is the explanation why you should install this right away.

You do not really have to worry in case you have unique staircases since the installation company can always find a way to install the stair lift. The best thing about this is that it’ll fit the one who will use it.

You need to ask for the assistance of experts if you really wish to make certain that you could select the proper model for the house.

It is very easy to find the best chair lift for staircases on the Internet as long as you can find a good provider. You only have to be sure that you will consider the proper company to give the equipment that you need for your stairs.


  We specialise in supplying and installing reconditioned stairlifts in homes and business’ in Dublin and around Ireland. We strive to save our customers a large amount of money who don’t qualify for a stairlift grant or don’t have 6-8 months to wait for grant approval. 


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